Premiere: Damian Schwartz – Frau Odd


He was a funny sort of character, Mr Frau Odd. He lived beneath the pylons which lined the freeway. He gazed up towards the faint glow of the streetlights, they loomed bright and orange above his head. It had been a long day and he found himself daydreaming as he walked in the quiet glow. The days were beoming longer and colder, he liked this season. Things were beginning to become colder, more distant and winter would soon blow its icy chill through this town. He could not wait. 

Here is the latest release from Damian Schwartz for A Harmless Deed Records. Taken from the forthcoming album 'The Dancing Behaviour', listen to 'Frau Odd' below: 

Distributed by Rubadub it is Forthcoming HERE