Premiere: Customer Service – Exquisite Corpse


She pushed her foot down hard on the accelerator, gathering up dust as she pulled out the driveway. Driving had become her only escape, the only time she could think clearly. At home she had to be strong and always save face, nobody could know what was really going on in her head. As she reached the motorway, there wasn’t a car in sight, a clear road stretching as far as the eye could see. She smiled deeply before hurtling off into the night.

Control Freak Recordings, the imprint brought to you by London-based party Cabin Fever, are back for their fourth release, this time from label co-founder Customer Service. Marking his debut production outing, Dance First, Think Later, features five tracks that sit on the fringes of electronic music. The A-Side brings a heavy dose of dance floor tackle followed by beautifully composed leftfield rhythms, then moving to the flip, we’re hit with rolling hypnotic drums, early hours breakbeat and haunting acid-tinged grooves to see us out.