Premiere: Crossover Network – Malignant System


They sat around the television, eyes glued to the national broadcast. A few moments later it concluded but they were no wiser than before. Little to no information had been shared, the guidance they'd been waiting for nowhere to be seen. But were they surprised? Empty promises had always been the dish of the day. The system was well and truly broken, and seemingly nobody was taking on the responsibility to fix it. 

Since their inaugural release in 2017 from Ecotone, Dutch label Rotterdam Electronix have been serving up the best in electro and techno. They followed up the first EP with outings from the likes of Betek, Discipline and their last breakbeat fuelled release from Prague duo Fractions. Taking control of the eighth on the label is modular enthusiast Crossover Network who works together sluggish rhythms, drones and driving bass for a soundtrack to a dystopian future.