Premiere: Creep Woland – Imposter Syndrome


In single file the workers edged slowly into the building, like small ants ranked in tight formation. This was no ordinary workplace, you were lucky if you got accepted. Only the most intelligent and abiding people could make the cut and, of course, in exchange the benefits were unlike any other. The man made to join the back of the line, it was his first day and he wasn't sure how he slotted into the equation, everybody else seemed different to him. For now he would blend in and become a complete unknown, it was the only way he could avoid imposter syndrome…

The next instalment on Jon Phonics' Astral Black imprint comes from Scottish DJ and producer Creep Woland, making a return to the label following his debut on the label with Close Reading in 2017. Exhibiting a more refined sound, his Chamberlain EP is an ode to the rolling bass and rainy days that raised him, bringing together four jungle cuts dedicated to the dance floor. From bass-heavy rhythms to junglist anthems and more reflective moments, Astral Black hit the nail on the head with their description, hailing it as an EP that's "perfect for existential club experiences or the driving of sports vehicles."