Premiere: Credit 00 – T.R.M.


When did Credit 00 first become aware of electronic music? When he saw the legendary missile rise on Tetris' final screen. That might sound like a surreal Xmas cracker joke, but it's actually the origin story of the superhero producer who's the subject of this premiere.

After this early awakening, Credit 00 moved to Dresden in 2000 to study fine arts, where he continued to nurture his passion for synthesizers and drum machines. He made a name for himself as a DJ, and hosted killer Electro parties featuring guests like DMX Krew and Imatran Voima.

He's no slouch as a producer either, and that's why we find ourselves here right now – his new Tribal Rhythm Machine EP is out on vinyl 27 May on Uncanny Valley. If you can't wait just a few days, you can grab the digital right here.

We're premiering the lead track. 'T.R.M.' is a hard-hitting wedge of subtly melodic machine funk that should lodge itself firmly in the dance quadrant of your brain. The synths that enter halfway through elevate it to another plane entirely. Listen below:

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