Premiere: Coyote – Fight The Future (Chida Remix)


6.36am. The days seemed bleaker each morning when he awoke, and the hangover and guilt only exacerbated his anxiety. The necessary cat lick and hair product grooming regime done, he was still the same man that awoke in another’s bed, after one more night misbehaving (he told himself angrily). He nipped in for tabs, and glanced across the shelves of his newsagents sorry show of mis-information. Again he was galled at the red tops stance. Life was dark, like the morning and mindset that swallowed him. He handed over his coin and smiled through gritted teeth at the ol’ fella as he grasped his hooky ‘bines. Fuck this for a game of soldiers. There must be a better way, he just needed to see that future and put some balls into changing it all. If only for himself.

Next up on the Clandestino lads' new label (think "the acid house Compo, Foggy & Clegg") is a return for the wonderful Coyote couple. On this mix, they bring in CHIDA, who takes the original, bright 303s and casts a darker shadow over the whole affair. Concrete bass kicks and hi-hats lead into some deep bass business, laser swipes, rewinds, and black disco toms. It's a much moodier and unsettling version, suited to basement brethren rather than big room Barrys. Layered with echoes and karate chop FX, it's worth fighting for.

Coyote – Fight The Future EP is released by Clandestino on 14th November 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Coyote on Facebook.

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