Premiere: Cottam – Distressed (ELLES Remix)


She was anxious, pulling her hair out and running wild. The city streets were busy and packed with people on a busy summer Saturday afternoon, each was in their own little world but she was distressed. She was looking for a fix, something sweet which would do the trick and settle the mood in the midst of all this chaos. Who'd have ever thought that it might end up like this? What had been so promising and precise had all been warped and rewritten: unstructured chaos as the world spun with a faster pace than ever before. 

Fade To Zaire are a team of London party starters who are arguably some of the nicest folk going. Their label is the latest in their ever evolving project list and this new EP from Cottam is bang on point. It's wrapped up with a tidy remix from ELLES, very much one to watch. 

Listen below: