Premiere: Cosmo Vitelli – The Cemetery Of Unsigned House Tracks


Deep in the jungle was an ancient burial ground. Many had been buried here during the turn of the nineties but little had happened on the site since. Now, however, there was a commotion in the bushes. Once again the music played loud through the trees and the thud of drums echoed in the carnivorous caves. This was a cemetery for those which had been lost, those which have gone unsigned and to be forgotten to the depths of time. One day they will rise again but for now they would remain underground, the death of house. 

I'm A Cliche label boss Cosmo Vitelli returns following the success of his "Last Train To Marzahn" EP last year. He delivers four cuts of glitchy house and chugging enthusiasm. Listen to "The Cemetery Of Unsigned House" below:

Buy the release from the 6th of March HERE

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