Premiere: Commuter – Flash Burst


Not much could phase him; he’d grown a thick skin after all the obstacles life had thrown his way. His calm demeanour rattled a lot of people; they believed his placid reactions were shrouding the fact he was screaming on the inside. Perhaps it were true, but what did it matter. Even if he were shouting at the top of his lungs, nobody would ever hear him…

After over a decade in the game, Paris-based label Zone have cemented their reputation as a purveyor of the finest dark electronics, spanning from electro to heavy techno and punk-driven machine music. To recognise the sounds that have helped shape and evolve the label, they’ve enlisted the help of label friends, old and new, for a 16-track compilation, ‘Interzone’. It builds on their ethos of pairing pioneering producers with fresh talent, featuring exclusive music from veterans like DJ Hell, Kittin, Gesaffelstein and label co-founder The Hacker, as well as newer names including Jensen Interceptor, The Populists, Cardopusher and Commuter.