Premiere: Co-Accused – Psychonaut Society


The stars flickered and flashed as they entered the cosmos aboard a wild and wonderful voyager. This was the psychonaut society and it was their job to seek out what others might not, to find the wildest, weirdest treasures. Beneath the cloak of darkness, amidst the dancing lights they would discover new ways of thinking, a new type of truth, building connections with the other lost souls. This was their mission, it had been destined long ago. Now as they moved through the night and into the darkness, they began to dance.  

Co-Accused are a prominent duo from the burgeoning Glaswegian club scene, underground heroes who have championed the best in upcoming electro and techno in the murky basements and offbeat clubs. It is at the infamous club 69, in Paisley, where they have made their name. Now they prepare to self release an EP which showcases their pivotal sound and places emphasis on the cutting edge future of electro in the city. 

Listen below: