Premiere: Closet Yi – Four Loops (Original Mix)


A horn sounded outside the house; with a rapid scramble down the stairs and quick wave goodbye, she shut the door behind her. He sat on the sofa and sighed, it was his turn to take on the parental duties tonight. Each weekend they took it in turns; one stayed home and the other lucky soul got to drink the town dry. Parenthood was definitely a whole new world, but at least they got to make their own rules.

After two track contributions for Honey Badger Records' compilations, Seoul-based DJ and producer Closet Yi returns for her first full EP on the local label. Having released her debut EP just a few months ago on Hollick and Gabriel Szatan's No Bad Days, introducing the world to her fresh, atmospheric take on house and techno, her new EP Ruminate, like its title suggests, traces her journey through the roots of underground dance music, peppered with distinctive samples from her favourite childhood cartoons. Our pick 'Four Loops' is released as two different versions, both using vintage EMU drum samples, deep bass and warbling acid lines.