Premiere: Clemency – SSRI Season / Sleep-In Sickness


It was that time of the year again, darkness loomed upon every street corner and the flickering glow of orange lights was barely enough to see the face of a friend amidst the cold night. It was ssri season – a time of depression and strife, of struggle and relentless gruelling pain. It was to be a long cold winter up north. 

That night the town would be full of people pretending to be happy and dancing under the glow of weighted strobes. It was all that they had to do in this bitter old place, a bleak excuse for a town with little to no love and a whole lot of pain. A kind of slept upon sickness plagued this place..

Clemency appears on a new compilation for Leftovers, a Leeds based record label with an eclectic taste and a handful of musical friends. Several producers appear on the release including LOFT, BFTT and Anna Peaker. It is however, the Clemency track which steals the show. Listen below: