Premiere: Clavis – Boyd


He walked with a sense of pride and held his head high as he wandered amidst the tall corridors. The smiling, awkward faces on either side of the hallway did not unnerve him for this day had been coming for a long while. They were not his friends, merely people whom he had worked alongside. He was the greater good and the rest were fraudulent and phoney – they knew little of the truth and cold reality which lay beyond their official building. He on the other hand was woke, a new man with a breath of fresh air in the morning and a belief in his own perspective. One day they might remember him and his political view, Boyd was his name but for now he was a nobody amidst a broken machine. 

Freerange is a record label which doesn't always receive the respect and admiration it deserves. The longstanding imprint has released a sprawling across decades and shows no sign of slowing down. The latest EP from the label features the German duo of Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffmann operating under the guise of Clavis as they release a new three track record purpose built for the clubs with a distinctive edge and a deep undercurrent. Listen below: 

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