Premiere: Clarinets – Invisible Path


For some time she could see no way out; no way forward; no escape from her own mind. She stepped blindly into each day, hoping that at some point things would miraculously change and she’d wake up from this dream she’d been trapped in. That didn’t come on its own but a realisation did, and so she began to take steps in a new direction, and carved herself an invisible path to freedom.

Tbilisi-based DJ and producer Gacha Bakradze makes his debut under a new alias, Clarinets, for Massimiliano Pagliara’s Funnuvojere imprint. Traces of Gacha’s work under his own name, which has previously graced labels like Fever AM, Die Orakel, Lapsus Records and Cin Cin, can still be felt across the four tracks on ‘Invisible Path’, seeing him play with emotive harmonies and blissful, Balearic atmospheres.