Premiere: Clandestino – Pannal


Fresh from their 18 holes, the pastel clad trio of Yorkshire gents retired to their special 19th hole. Tonight they were celebrating, not only an above par afternoon, but the heady and misty days of misspent youth. Recreating the vibes and flavours of those nights out when they were younger, angrier and less successful, they were determined to send a wake-up call to this sleepy village they now called their home. Introducing the ladies to some acid, they let the squelches take the lead, softly padding and clapping insanely beneath the oak beams of this most civil and treasured retreat. Even those that had blocked the more junior ideals from their formative socialising could not help but get dewy eyed at the naughtier times back in the Northern Nineties.

Alphabetical Clandestinos Iain, Joe and Nick pay a wonderful and respectful homage to the mid 90s with this dark and moody acid house bubbler, taking it back to a sweaty warehouse somewhere in the Leeds/ Manchester/ Sheffield Triangle. Just like in those smokey low-key clubbing spaces, elements disappear and reappear with delightful surprise. Jarg narcs unnecessary this time.

Clandestino – Omega System EP is released by Join Our Club and is available HERE.

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