Premiere: Circulation – 990


Slowly he counted, the numbers stacked up with a weighty presence. The 1,000 was in the distance but he wasn’t quite there yet. Walking through the city streets he knew he had to hustle to make it out of this place, the grit and the grime of the landscape was getting him down, this wasn’t supposed to be home. He was only ten away from calling it a day then boom, his luck was in. A handshake, a conversation, a smile. The 990 was transformed into something more suitable…

Circulation is back. A celebrated powerhouse of electronic music has resurfaced and with him comes brand new music which he describes as follows:

“After writing over forty-five 12 inch releases and two albums under the Circulation name from 1997 to 2007, and after stopping for ten years, I recently started writing again under the Circulation moniker. It feels great to be back producing and recirculating with a project that has meant so much to me over the years.“

Listen to the new release below:

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