Premiere: Christian Tiger School – If You Want To (Gacha Bakradze Version)


The diction was lacking, she watched the speech from the hostile crowd. If you want to the rule the world you'll need a hell of a lot more charisma and presence than was on offer at present. She sighed and walked away from the stage towards the mass of people. Her campaign had been in planning for over a year, however no amount of preparation would have prepared this fool to take the stage and lead. His bumbling mannerisms and his careless turn of phrase left him vulnerable and weak. Not a president in her eyes. 

Christian Tiger School are a duo operating out of Cape Town and they look sure to make waves fairly soon. The pair are set to release a new EP on Lissoms and are accompanied by some glorious remixers. Listen to a version by Gacha Bakradze below: 

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