Premiere: Christian S – Jonnie Sda


Jonnie SDA was a rogue, a vagabond, a troublemaker. He carried those letters with him as a reminder of his military past and with time they had become his calling card. His appearance was scruffy, his face askew, eyes wild, blazing with the malice of a battlefield left behind. He had always wanted to rebel, now would begin his reign of chaos. Jonnie SDA was in town, and he was sure as hell, here to stay. 

Up next on Comeme is the much loved Christian S. Originating from Cologne he has gone on to become widely respected having held down residencies at the likes of Salon Des Amateurs and beyond. He returns with his EP titled 'Six Million Bassdrums Later'. Listen to 'Jonnie SDA' below: 

Pre-order the release HERE.  Listen to his mix for Ransom Note HERE

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