Premiere: Chloe Thevenin – The Sum Of Us


He held her hand tightly, squeezing her soft dark skin against his more frail and withered flesh. He had been a tough love, often making this partnership seem unfeasible. But he stared into her opal eyes, and she was still captivated. It was certain that to be alone after all this time, tears and laughter was unthinkable. Together they were a team, and their shoulders able to bear this weight.

Taking us a delicate and intricate distance from our usual 'doof doofs' is this track from Parisian electronic music icon and Rex Club resident Chloe. In her first foray in to soundtracks (for the film 'Paris La Blanche'), this piece shimmers and glides and teases throughout. "Arab music is traditionally inspired by poetry and improvisation, whereas occidental music is written. In this in between I collaborated with Algerian Kabyle musicians playing traditional instruments : oud, mandole, zurna, darbuka", says Chloé. 

The soundtrack is released 31st March 2017 on Lumière Noire and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Chloé on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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