Premiere: Child Of The Waves – Phantasmagoria


He awoke in the dead of night, panting, sweat pouring profusely from his brow. He was shaken and unaware of his surroundings; he couldn’t get a handle on what was reality. Shadows seemed to dance across the walls in strange shapes and the winds outside spoke to him in a whispered tones — were his nightmares making their way into physical existence?

Zurich-based producer Walid is one of the minds behind Les Points who, along with its sub-labels Infoline and Gentrified Undeground, have released a healthy catalogue of electro, wave and industrial-laced trips, coming from artists like Savage Grounds, Cygnus and Neu Verboten. In keeping with these musical flavours, Walid has been cooking up his own 80s-indebted sonics under the guise of Child Of The Waves, which are finding a home on Belgian imprint Basic Moves. Consisting of seven tracks, the release uses cinematic samples, rumbling bass lines, icy synths and haunting FX to craft a journey that could soundtrack an 80s thriller.