Premiere: Chaotic Reality – Looking Not Seeing


In the distance there were trees, they lined the fields, acting like some soft of makeshift barrier between the grassy plains and the road which roared with traffic alongside. The drivers would pass by this place, sometimes they'd glance over but they were alway looking not seeing. That was the problem these days, people didn't pay attention or care. What lay beyond that dense wall of green was a wild world in which your imagination might run free. The great expanse of the natural world offered what the concrete could not. Did they care? The cars simply zipped on by. 

Chaotic Reality is a producer we've been keeping a close eye on, self releasing his own music he now has a few EP's under his belt. However, his latest perhaps shows a maturity and depth greater than that of his previous. This is beautiful, dubbed out, intelligent house music. 

Listen below: