Premiere: Chams – Finale


Having previously released a pair of EPs under the name Chaams (why that extra 'a' was removed remains a mystery), French producer Chams has made the move over to brand spanking new French label Abîme for his latest release, which marks something of a reset. This is deconstructed club music at its finest, in the vein of Rabit, Mumdance, Visionist et al.

Lettre d'Amort was inspired by a solo journey through the Alps, taken as a means of rebalancing his psychic state after a period of upheaval. Having grown up in its shadow, the mountain range was already a special location to Chams, one "where the beauty and fear of nature merge to shape a unique atmosphere".

We're premiering 'Finale', which oxygen deprivation and light-headed transcendence. Glossy, cinematic synths swirl around in the ether while Chams' vicious, crunching percussion is brought to the foreground. It's all a bit of a mess – in the best way possible – until suddenly and unexpectedly everything coheres halfway through, and the beauty of those synth melodies is allowed its space. Listen below:

Lettre d'Amort is out 28th September on Abîme. Pre-order the digital here. Vinyl coming soon!

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