As the clock struck midnight, she made her way out into the night, closing the front door firmly behind her. This part of the evening always exhilarated her, the feeling of not knowing what the night would hold, of what excitement might lie ahead. She made her way to her favourite haunt, the place she always started the night’s revelry, but she had no idea where she’d end up next. Planning wasn’t her thing.

Hailing from Denmark, electro industrial duo CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK, comprising of experimental jazz drummer Frederik Hauch and saxophonist Rasmus Christian Pedersen, take a unique approach to electronic music. On their debut release for Music For Dreams’ offshoot Music For Clubs, the pair exercise the principles of classical minimalism to stretch out the fluid grooves throughout, using everything from analogue synths to Hauch’s drum samples and elements of music concrete. “Body music – but, you know, with a brain.”