Premiere: Cardopusher – Lux Aeterna


The wall, ancient and crumbling underfoot, became their runway. They were a cat-walking anachronism, splitting time in two with their body’s edges. Leather lacerated the skin they lived in. But as the flesh broke so did the battlements, their stiletto heels daggering and grinding the brick into beachy sand. A searchlight snapped onto their figure. They shone, starlike – then posed.

Following the charge of high profile electronic artists from Tel Aviv (Red Axes, Mor Elian, Autarkic et al.) comes PAG Records: a new collective forcing art, fashion, sound and identities to dangerous new territory. Their debut release is DRAMA QUEER: a compilation of spectacular, theatrical EBM, electro and industrial. Though cast from around the globe, its dramatis personae – including Silent Servant, Lokier and our selection from Cardopusher – share one voice, projecting a radical performance towards the Israeli capital. All the world’s a stage, but Yafo is the place where this queer melodrama will move the most.