Premiere: Casper Hastings – Ruthless Romance


This was a fairytale destined for ruin and disaster. It had been a ruthless romance right from the start and now as they stood upon the edge of the forest, they held one anothers hands and proceeded to walk forward into the darkness. Soon they would each forget each others names, losing themselves between the tall trees and the old woods. The stars flickered delicately up above, it were as if they had gathered to watch the spectacle of love fall to pieces from a galaxy out there in the abyss. 

Casper Hastings is set to release a rip roaring EP on Yin Yang, a club ready affair destined to bang and bump on the dancefloor. This track is titled “Ruthless Romance” and pays homage to the hedonistic days of rave and hardcore. Wild breaks and a rumbling low end set this one off nicely. 

Listen below: