Premiere: Cardopusher – Fading Memory


Those times had always weighed such import and significance with the gang. The pleasures that had been served and deserved, every morsel of musical mischief consumed heartily, along with all the accompaniments available. What a few years they had been! It had taken dedication of course and the transient rewards that were readily received made that hard work worthwhile. Now though, it seems so far away, as if nearing the horizon, until the tapes from that past were enticed from the scratched plastic cases, each annotated with the inky scribblings of the spells from back when.

Barcelona based Classicworks return with a new cassette compilation of psychedelic synthesis from collaborators around the world sharing their interest in tough, classically crafted cuts. Here Luis Garban AKA Cardopusher adds his take, with this techno body slammer. Machine driven drums and sequenced synth patterns that flit in and out of sync, adding to the overall chaotic sense which just about reigns in the aural madness. Just.


Various Artists – Common Denominator is released by Classicworks on very limited cassette on 29th July 2016 and will be available HERE. Digital versions can be found HERE.

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