Premiere: Captain Torkive – Flying Saucers To Krypton (I-Robots 1979 Extended Reconstruction)


The stars shone with a blinding glow as the ufo careered across the midnight sky. The blackness which surrounded the craft was not scary, not deathly and certainly not the end. It was but the beginning of a new age, the start of a new campaign which would see them voyage across the solar system all the way to Krypton and back. Many had laughed at their talk of flying saucers and alien dreams. My, how wrong they were. Now it was time for a new age in which the earth was far far away. They would simply fly. 

Roll up, roll up. This one is pretty special. I- Robots have announced the first track as part of an upcoming compilation which celebrates the roots and influences of Italo disco in Turin. The first is a re-release of the highly sought after 'Flying Saucers' EP which also sees the duo edit the original. Listen to their extended interpretation below…

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