Premiere: Bruised Skies & THUGWIDOW – Epic Questing


She floated through the sky, navigating her pathway between the stars and the sun. Her quest always took her to unchartered territories, to spaces and places unknown. Tonight: a far off planet, tomorrow: the outer reaches of the solar system. There were no limits to where she could travel — that was the beauty of the imagination…

The next offering on Astral Black comes from Circadian Rhythms alumni THUGWIDOW and Pure Life’s Bruised Skies; a debut collaboration from the pair that marries their diverse yet complimentary outputs. While the former crafts his own modern, sparse take on jungle, the latter’s strength lies in hyper-real ambience, which together makes for euphoric results. Across the four tracks on ‘Requiem For a Sesh’ the duo bring a concoction of sounds to the mix, moving through disfigured breaks and frantic bass to celestial piano melodies and sliced up vocal samples.