Premiere: Brother Nebula – Living With It


Nobody’s life was perfect but he started to think he’d been dealt a far worse hand than many others. Several toxic relationships, a myriad of lost jobs and unsuccessful opportunities, not to mention the countless mishaps, had seemed to be the dish of the day since his youth. Luck had never been on his side and things just didn’t seem to go his way; he’d come to terms with living with it after all these years. 

Previously shrouded in mystery, Brother Nebula is the moniker of dance music veteran Lance Desardi who, over the last few years, has crafted cosmic and atmospheric breaks and house. He made his debut on Legwork back in 2018 with a collaborative EP alongside Solar, before quickly following it up with his first solo releases on the same label. Last year saw him land on Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance, but now he makes a triumphant return to Legwork once again for The Physical World, an album of retro-futurist and interstellar electronics.