Premiere: Brick Reds, Black Mauves – Cabochon


The wild flowers grew in all shapes and sizes, their radiant colours filled the fields with life and joy. Walking amidst the towering plants he began to wonder if he might ever find a place as special as this elsewhere, he did not want to leave but knew he must before the worst. The little country house had become his home, having offered him so much when he'd had only little. Its old brick walls had seen things others might never know or see. It was a secret place full of mystery and love, intrigue and passion. That old house on the hill, the wild fields and a beautiful story. 

Brick Reds, Black Mauves are set to release a self titled EP on Barcelona based imprint Lapsus Records, an ambient weightless affair with hypnotic soundscapes and magical electronics. It's a futuristic exploration of the abstract and the odd. A beautiful EP. Listen to a track from the forthcoming release below: