Premiere: Breaka Ft. Adam Pits – The Show Must Go On


It felt as though everything had been leading up to this day. Months of preparation, endless check lists and emails threads had turned into a full time job with the nights and days rolling into one. Organisation had been paramount but with something on this scale it was inevitable it couldn’t run without at least a small glitch. Or perhaps even a huge glitch. Sure, they could continue to speculate and expect the worst but, whatever happened, the show must go on.

Birmingham-based party space•lab are taking their first steps into the label world with a mission to bring wrigglers and warpers from all corners of the galaxy. They kick things off with an inaugural V/A that rallies together members of the Holding Hands Records family – Desert Sound Colony, Adam Pits and Breaka – as well as Rupert Worthington, Alex Anderson and label boss Dr. Baird, for four tracks that traverse proggy trance, warped acid rollers and crisp breaks. Our pick from Breaka and Adam Pits is a classy breakbeat cut that’s name is inspired by the time Dr. Baird reversed a van into a parked car whilst setting up a space•lab party, the party where the three of them met.