Premiere: Brandon Vare – Yattering


The small hours were meant for little more than disjointed conversation and slow dancing. After the party yattering had become the norm, a mixed blur of white senseless noise and the dotted motion of a man or woman in the corner of the room swaying back and forth. This was a special time, a pensive moment which existed in it's own realm, untouched by the trouble and allure of the outside world. Inside the top floor flat she watched from the window as the sun began to rise across the city, the day had dawned. 

Brandon Vare is the next to release on Scottish record label Jelly Roll Soul, an imprint committed to doing things properly. Having run parties around the country in the tiniest of basements they have now stepped out as an up and coming label and have made their mark. Listen to "Yattering" below:

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