Premiere: Borusiade – Nervous


As the days went by, the anxiety built; manifesting in every single thing she did. She looked at the calendar on her wall, hoping that somehow time would stand still, that this looming date might not ever actually come. This had become her coping mechanism of late; simply pretending the event would never materialise, rather than prepare for the inevitable. Nerves would take over and, when the time came, she would be the only one who could truly overcome them.

Romanian producer and DJ Borusiade has showcased her dreamy blend of industrial, post-wave and techno on releases for some of the biggest players in those sonic fields: Cómeme, Dark Entries, Cititrax and Pinkman to name a few. She now makes her debut on Rennes-based label Tripalium Corp with Purge, a five-track EP of 80s-influenced industrial rhythms laced with haunting vocals, that explore heartbreak in forced isolation, one’s coping systems, hope and progress, and the lessons you take with you.