Premiere: Bolam – Break Yo Self (Sputnik One Remix)


Grated rubber and evaporated sweat linger as he frantically taps his foot, wearing down the heel of his new kicks on the curb in-front. “8 minutes away… damn” he mutters whilst watching the taxi icon spin around on his phone screen. Worry sets in. He starts to decant his morning routine, blaming his lack of punctuality on the additional coffees or the 10 minutes spent ceiling-watching from under the covers. He rightly directs the blame towards himself, followed by a frantic checking of maps, as if some inter-dimensional wormhole will unveil itself and get him to work on time. He's not gonna make it.

Edinburgh producer Bolam releases his EP via Scottish-label MELD this month, and we couldn’t be more delighted! Four tracks of unadulterated UK-techno litter the release, with Bolam’s track ‘Break Yo Self’ getting an especially dark footwork flavoured remix by Sputnik One. The track features panic-induced hats, scattered grime-inspired claps and enough ‘halftime’ fun to make you dance away the dread.