Premiere: Blutch – La Cité Des Étoiles (Michael Mayer Remix)


Pacing through corridors that lack a definitive end, he attempts to make sense of it all. Something seems glaringly off, but he just can’t place his finger on it. As walls ebb, bow and collapse, he happily accepts the seemingly impossible nature of the shapes around him as part of a structured reality. The previously straight corridor begins to bend wildly, like a dowsing rod in nervous hands, leading in directions he’s unsure he wishes to be heading. The path tapers off and the walls fluctuate with incomprehensible iridescent colour before shattering into a landscape of fractals which promptly dissolve. A white room and a closed door is all that remains. “Should I open it?” he wonders.

The latest EP set for release on highly respected French label Astropolis comes via techno producer Blutch. The EP features six tracks of glee-inducing electronica that gives credence to the saying “the French do it better”. Bookending the tracklist is a gorgeous remix of ‘La cité des étoiles’ by Kompakt affiliate Michael Mayer. The track glows with an evolving motif of glittering synth leads that build towards a larger-than-life finale, all happening atop a steady foundation of shuffling hats and driving techno kicks.