Premiere: Bleaching Agent – Rowing In Eden


This place was like a dream, a paradise beneath the clouds. Travelling downstream, rowing in Eden they watched as the tall reeds and the exotic birds passed by on the riverbank. Sat upon their little wooden boat they were at peace with the world as the rain began to fall softly all around them, it was not cold but warm and they smiled as they looked up at the heavens above. The clouds did not bother them any more for they had learnt to exist beneath the haze. 

Optimo Music are back with another release in their digital danceforce series. The series of releases is becoming quite the force having acted as an outlet for the likes of Tornado Wallace, Marcus Worgull, Vanessa Worm, Feon, Theus Mago and more. 

Now it’s Bleaching Agent’s turn to release a two track stormer of an EP described by himself below:

“A doe-eyed rave anthem replete with lush strings pushed to breaking point and a fistful of tuneful pleeps thrown in for good measure”.

Listen below:

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