Premiere: Bleaching Agent – Faster Silence


Beside the railway depot, beyond the equinox, the atmosphere felt tense. Movement defined the top of the arches, but in the darkness beneath, there was little much kinetic or soulful with which to connect. Bird song crept into the nocturne, it’s inky black sky beginning to bleed blue.

A whole year on from his debut on Hot Concept, Bleaching Agent continues his journey “from gabber to Goldfrapp” with another exemplary EP on Hot Concept, the Berlin-based label run by John Loveless. Premiering on R$N is ‘Faster Silence’, which distills BA’s lifelong love of DIY culture into a slowly rising outsider-anthem in waiting, replete with post-punk licks, crashing drums and rich synths; big room house for basement punks.

Released exclusively on Bandcamp on Friday 26th March. Buy HERE.