Premiere: Blaues Einhorn – Anruf


Isn’t it funny how time flies, yet so little has happened? Does this change our conversations from the exhilarating to the downright dull? A constant and predictable loop of “what have you been up to?” and the equally predictable response of “not much”. Yet amidst the elongated slumps in front of the television and the all to frequent lie-ins past midday, creative juices have been overflowing from all corners of the globe, and the results continue to speak for themselves…

Berlin’s Ombra International, the ever on point label run by Curses and Fritz Galliani, find themselves coming out the other side of lockdown armed with a variety snack pack of music from across the globe. Dubbed as “powerful music in the fringe of all things WAVE”, Ombra’s 15th release features contributions via Turkey, Mexico, Italy, France and Canada, from Günce Aci, ALF CHAMPION, Daniel Monaco & Futurist, Blaues Einhorn and Robert E. Livingood, respectively. Our pick, from Blaues Einhorn, the new project of FLVN and Mrs. Charlie Lumberjack recorded during a session in Paris, matches low slung moody guitar riffs with commanding vocals that fuse German and French.