Premiere: Black Loops – Homesick


As he looked out over the waves he felt a poignant sense of longing for a place far away, somewhere he hadn’t planned on revisiting, at least not in this lifetime. He’d never imagined himself to be the homesick sort, it didn’t seem to pair with his wild reckless sensibilities and that deep rooted longing for travel and exploration. The juxtaposition of his intricate identity was fascinating to those on the outside looking in. However for him this was tormenting, ludicrous, circle running, chaos the likes of which his mind could not keep up. 

Black Loops is the alias of Berlin musician Riccardo, for many years he has honed and crafted his take on deep house. However, his latest on Aterall might just be his best yet. This is his sound at its very, very best. 

Listen below: