Premiere: Black Loops – Forster Funk


The street was alive with hustle and bustle as people shouted from apartment windows down to friends below and music played loud from boomboxes on the corners. It was a hot day in the city, the type that might make you sweat. The rumble of the trains could be heard all day long, people being taken from place to place, wherever that might be. He sat there taking all this in, perched upon his park bench, smoking a cigarette, watching as the world went wearily by. This was his city, his funk. 

Black Loops appear on a new compilation for Hudd Traxx, a celebration of the fifteen years that the label has been in existence. It’s an impressive feat, especially considering the consistency and dependability of the imprint which has released music by the likes of Dj Sneak, Iron Curtis, Nightmares On Wax, Chez Damier, Rick Wade and many more. 

This track is an ode to house in the deepest, truest of senses. Listen below: