Premiere: Black Devil Disco Club – The Kid In Me


We're honoured to be hosting todays exclusive premiere – the new video from cosmic disco legend Bernard Fevre, aka Black Devil Disco Club. R$N readers with longish memories will remember a time in the early noughties when people were spending hundreds of £££ trying to get hold of Fevre's incredible, debut LP, a heady brew of dark pulsing disco that influenced a generation that will still set you back a couple of hundred quid for an original. Since then Fevre has been resurrecting the Black Devil guise allowing a new generation to marvel at his outre, Gallic fusion of prog rock, camp disco, and wild intergalactic mind madness.  Listen below, realise he's clearly a genius and go watch one of his rare, forthcoming UK shows –

23rd October
Teen Creeps & Kanada present:
Black Devil Disco Club
@ BIRTHDAYS, Dalston
Tickets: £8 Adv

24th October
Magic Waves presents:
Black Devil Disco Club + Arthur Baker
Tickets: £8 Adv
@ SWG3, Glasgow