Premiere: Black Cadmium – Gold


They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure: that was certainly true of today’s find.

The streets were lined with cardboard boxes and tables, some neatly organised and labeled, others thrown together in a hasty mess. Trinkets, books, photos and old clothes were amongst the sea of unwanted items that cluttered the tables; to the untrained eye most would never have made that golden discovery. But for him, this was the missing part of a puzzle that he’d started long ago.


The last year or two has been very fruitful for Rotterdam-based duo Black Cadmium. Since their debut solo EP on Ovum Recordings, they’ve dropped music for Vault Wax and Violet’s Naive imprint, channeling their love of Detroit and London sounds into their output. Now they make their way to Wanderist’s Transient Nature imprint, the label set up by one half of Dam Swindle, Marteen Smeets, to spotlight the best in machine funk, techno and everything in between. Like Black Cadmium’s previous releases, the four tracks on ‘Inertia’ bridge sounds and eras, encompassing electro grooves, twilight house jams and dreamy acid cuts.