Premiere: Birds – Keep The Ship Moving


The mast towered into the clouds, stretching high above the ship’s sails that rippled lightly in the wind. Their journey had been incredibly smooth since departing; the skies had been blue and the waters calm, almost too calm… They couldn’t complain about the ease with which their trip had run so far, but it was difficult not to worry that treacherous waters weren’t awaiting them ahead.

Ombra International come correct with their first V/A release of 2021, calling on another batch of like-minded artists to contribute. While several artists make their triumphant return to the label —Freeride Millenium’s Jorkes & Nikkname, Silicodisco & Madrid’s Rotten City Records boss, Alvaro Cabana, Berlin-based Skelysys and Belgian artist NAUFRAGI— Random Atlas member Ducati Flex makes his debut, ahead of several other tracks this year on Ombra, as does London producer and DJ Birds, whose track pays tribute to the late Andrew Weatherall.