Premiere: BFTT – Wrench


Out in the shed there was a dusty old toolbox, it had been used time and time again to dismantle and rebuild the old machinery which sat mysteriously at the foot of the garden. Inside – a dusty old wrench, an unpleasant looking hammer and enough bits and bobs to assemble a small factory. The machine was a piece of forgotten technology, a rusted pile of junk, yet one day he hoped it might have value or meaning for something more. A chance to offer an insight into a bygone world in which we weren't under the contol of a system, when machines were free and not a source of contention. 

BFTT is an up and coming producer with an abstract edge, previous releases have appeared on Cong Burn and Whities. His latest comes on All Centre, a bass inspired experimental two tracker. One for the intelligent heads and the weirder feet. Listen below: