Premiere: Betonkust – Updating The Pain


Face down, cheek sticking to the hot leather, he gripped the sides of the bed as the needle dragged across his skin in a continuous motion. He grimaced as it scaled the bone on his shoulder, before relaxing the corners of his mouth back into a smile. Although the discomfort remained a constant, he couldn’t help but enjoy the thick black ink penetrating his skin, over and over again. For him there would always be pleasure in pain.

Predominantly known for his series of collaborations, most notably alongside Palmbomen II and Innershades, Dutch producer and DJ Betonkust has taken his machine-driven creations to labels like Dekmantel, Pinkman and 1080p. For his new solo outing he crafts four acid-drenched recordings for Rotterdam’s Bar Records that are tinged with the melancholic harmonies and bittersweet melodies he’s become synonymous with.