Premiere: Beridze- Sky High


At the water's edge, warm, turquoise water laps at toes and carries soft grains of sand back out into the ocean as palm trees sway gracefully in the gentle, tropical breeze .

The sky shifts effortlessly from deep blue to warm hues of pinks, oranges and purples, the silhouettes of birds darting all about as the sun slips slowly below the horizon and makes way for the majestic moon. 

Dream Raw Recordings and Ransom Note invite you to listen to Beridze 'Sky High' and allow yourself to be transported to your happy place, wherever that may be. Part of the latest Dream Raw Recordings compilation featuring 35 different artists, bringing with them dreamy synths, a touch of acid, some mighty jungle and a smattering of breakbeat. Arriving 23rd June.

Listen below:

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