Premiere: Bep Kororoti – Proronga


Many moons ago, the figure of a straw clad man came down from the Pukato Ti mountains and arrived in the Amazonian village. His clothing resembled that of a cosmonaut, and yet no one deep in the forests even knew of space exploration. Carrying his 'thunder weapon', the petrified natives ran away into the bush. Their weapons were useless against Bep Kororoti, they crumbled to dust with every naive thrust against his body. But Bep meant them no harm, and he learned how to use the Amazonians weapons and joined them in their hunts, and the proud warriors gained wisdom and insight from the mysterious traveller.

Bep Kororoti is also the name chosen by Alejandro Rodríguez aka Kresy for his new side project. The music mostly comes from hardware live jams recorded in one take, constructed around raw drums, decayed tones, corroded synths, acid bursts, ritualistic chants and an overall toxic haze. Just as the tales of ancestral visitors from outer space that inspired it.

Bep Kororoti's new 7 track mini- LP features this cut, and is released on HVNX, a new Hivern sub-label focused on concept EP's and mini- albums. Available 29th April 2016, pre-order it HERE.