Premiere: Benoit Gagnon & Massimiliano Pagliara – In Spirals


Since opening our Christmas box back in the 80's and spending many creative hours with multi-coloured biros and plastic cogs (pitch to Tony Hayers – The Great British Spirograph Challenge), we've become fascinated by the spiral. Liquorice wheels enticing us towards the jelly button and subsequent tooth loss. The cheap Catherine wheels pinned to a fence to commemorate a dead christian, which was the pinnacle of Bommy Night. Helter skelters and that coconut mat reminiscent of getting a backie from a rather hirsute naked ginner. Those mad eyes that hypnotists have just so you know they are dangerous charlatans. And drugs probably, and carpets unfortunately.

Our latest addition to said fascination is this. Full of cyclical riffing, circulating clapping and rotating reverberation. A revolving, coiling, chaotic, corkscrewer of a rekkid. Wind it up.

Benoit Gagnon & Massimiliano Pagliara – In Spirals EP is out on Correspondant on 29th January. Follow them HERE