Premiere: Benoit B – A Night In Gobi Desert


The sun cast a dreamy glow over the sand dunes. Night was about to fall across the Gobi Desert and not a sound could be heard. The blue light faded into the distance and all that was left but darkness. You could smell the heat in the night's air, it clung to you like a warm embrace. Many people had longed to walk across this beautiful landscape but few had ever been brave enough to take the risk. The possibility that one might die in the middle of nowhere was too haunting for many, no matter how stunning the burial. 

Peur Bleue return with yet more charm and lush sounds as they are set to release a new EP from Benoit B. His new EP, titled 'Tropico Timelexia', sees an enchanting take on house and soundscapes. Listen below: 

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