Premiere: Benjamin Fröhlich – Dream City (Axel Boman Remix)


There was a paradise up there amidst the stars, a beautiful metropolis in which flashing lights and flying cars careered amidst the blackened sky. Bars bustled and people moved to and fro as if like something from an old film. Taxi drivers honked their horns, the sound of chitter chatter and pitter patter was the beat of the street. This was a dream city, a place far away in which imagination could run wild and free. There were no bounds here, no rules and no punishment. The people were kind and smiled at one another as they passed whilst the shiny glass windows upon the street corners gleamed and beamed at a world unknown. 

Benjamin Fröhlich is set to release what is known as the "Rude Collection" on his own Permanent Vacation imprint. A collection of sprawling club tracks, abstract cuts and reworks from close friends and associates. Axel Boman steps up to rework "Dream City". Listen below: